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25.09.2017 gb-check - Progress towards Equal Opportunities between Genders in the Workplace

The gb-check allows officials within an organization to carry out a meaningful status review in various personnel policy areas, to check the results obtained systematically against legal principles, to analyse further aspects of equal opportunities between genders and to examine individual cases of likely discrimination. In this way, it is possible to detect and close discrimination loopholes and to take measures which are advantageous here. Equality reviews of this type are only recommended by law in Germany in the area of wages, and so a review of equality in working and employment conditions must be carried out on a voluntary basis.The brief report describes the project to develop the Gender Bias Check (gb-check) and explains the tools in detail.

The gb-check can be used to review six different areas of personnel policy with regard to gender equality. Three types of tools are available for this: Statistics, process analyses and pairwise comparisons. The tools can be downloaded here.

Statistics: These are direct statistical comparisons of anonymised operating data relating to the review area in question that differ according to gender. These statistics create transparency and provide indications of possible discrimination.

Process analyses: These contain guiding questions about the relevant review area which examine any inequalities in company regulations and procedures and can highlight any potential discrimination and scope for greater equality opportunities. Every process analysis also contains at the end the headings "Summary" and "Conclusions", which are to be filled in.

Pairwise comparisons: By directly comparing, on an anonymous basis, a female and a male employee, discrimination at individual level can be highlighted.

The following diagram provides an initial overview of the review areas and tools (cf. Figure 1).

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